Skilled Nursing Visits


Skilled Nursing Visits

Skilled nursing visits at Quality One Care are performed in a patient’s home by a registered nurse (RN) or, licensed practical nurse (LPN) under the supervision of an RN, on a visit basis.

– During the visits our nurses will provide physical assessment which include, vital signs, respiratory status, wounds, cancer, monitoring blood sugar, oxygen levels, tube feeding and medication administration, monitoring and teaching.
-Our nurses will coordinate with home equipment vendors and pharmacists to ensure proper medication, supplies, and equipment are adequate available at the family home.
– Our nurses will work with the child’s physician to develop a well-coordinated care plan to be followed during the course of the child’s illness.
– We will communicate with the child’s doctor, specialists, pharmacists, medical supply vendors and case manager. This will include regular progress reports and updates to the care plan.
– Family and caregivers will receive specific information regarding disease process, symptoms to report to the physician should they arise before the nurse’s return visit or after discharge from service, and what to do in response to changes as they occur. Parents or guardians will also be told what changes to expect. Family and guardian will receive step-by-step instructions in the procedures being performed by the nurse.

Skilled Nursing visit consists of an array of services that include but are not limited to:

– Wound colostomy, ileostomy, and urine catheterization care.
– Intravenous (IV) catheter insertion site.
– Venipuncture to obtain lab specimens or insert an IV catheter.
– Administration of medications such as IVs and other injections.
– Ventilator and other respiratory support care.
– Patient and caregiver education and training.

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